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Lump on back of head? Answered

I busted the back of my head open an a coffee table an it has left a knot. Im afraid of what it is. I shouldve went to get stitches but didnt. I wonder if it just growed back wrong or its something serios. Help? What should I do?

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RavensCraft (author)2013-02-28

Are you sure it's not your occipital protuberance?:
You may have just never noticed it before and it's
been there all the while.

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Kiteman (author)2013-02-28

Free medical advice on the Internet is often worth less than you pay for it.

It might be nothing, but it might be something - we have no way of knowing.

Go see a real doctor, in the flesh.

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FoolishSage (author)2013-02-28

See a doctor! Don't take medical advice online! if you think there might be a problem always see a professional!

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