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M16 Replica Answered



Can i have some pics of the fore grip specificly the yellow/gray conector part that your hands suposed to hold on to


I'm actually more interested in that ball machine than the gun, lol

Isn't that also a member right here? or does he have 2 accounts?


8 years ago

cool! could use some work tho...

When you say things like that (which aren't always bad,) you should tell him what could or should be improved.

lets see, the bending pin and not being able to holt the grip! lol

Pretty cool but as for the firring mech why dont you try something like the mech on you ak

Well you could take off the handle and the front sight then put a barrel up where that was the make it so you can mount a red dot sight or something like a acog scope just a sugestion

Or just make the fake barrel hollow and make it shoot through it.

I like it. It's a good replica.

Normally I would ask if you could make it shoot above the fake barrel, but since you said you can't really do that, maybe make the fake barrel hollow and shoot the ammo throught here.

Looks good.

Although I do think this is a pretty stupid gun in terms of the firing pin, the foregrip and where he bullet comes out.

But he AWESOME looks make up for that!