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Have an idea of taking 2 identical bikes and welding 4 pipes to seperate them about 4 feet apart.Now I have a free standing 4 wheel vehicle, now I want to use 5 hp briggs and stratton gas engine with centrifical clutch for power.The steering has me puzzled, but I think you have an idea of what I want to build? any help would be grateful,Also gearing and drive setupg...



Ive been thinking of making something like that and have a good picture in my had of how to do the steering. You also might be able to get an idea from this link
but my idea was to take of the steering part of the bike completely and join what ive taken out with a metal pole. Then make a stronger version steering part like the one youve just taken off. You can attach it anyway you can think off.

Your biggest problem is likely to be legal.  A bicycle, even under electrical power, needs to meet the rules of your state for a powered vehicle--a motorcycle.  Three wheels?  In most states, you're still a motorcycle.  This gives you a lot of freedom but you still have to meet tire requirements which bicycle tires won't.  Four wheels and you're a car, so you'll have to meet all the safety standards that apply to a car in your state.  Yes, I've thought of it, too, but it just doesn't work.  Now, if you take two motorcycle front ends and bring them together to one engine powering one back wheel, you not only still have a motorcycle but a practical vehicle.  Trikes with one front wheel and two big ones in back may look cool but they're a terrible design.  Why?  Unstable with a tendency to flip over in a turn.  It's the reason that off-road trikes were outlawed: too many injuries and deaths.  It's why you can only buy off-road four wheelers.  Why they allow this terribly unstable design to be driven on the public highways is beyond me.  First sharp turn, you roll.


8 years ago

Maybe you'll find something inspirational here.

If you imagine fitting an eyelet to the front of each front mudguard, then connecting the two together with a bar (across the front of the vehicle) you've got the steering tied together. Don't do it like that but use the same principle. You'd really want to connect the drive-wheels with an axle, perhaps where the pedals were - chain drive from the engine off that? L

make both front forks turn at the same time, that would be your steering