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MAKER FAIRE, Queens, NYC Sept. 17-18 Answered

Yes !   And I hope to be there,  somehow, this year for BOTH days....if I have to camp out in an outdoor latrine over night  :-) 

Psst, can you imagine?   I was actually asked by someone who will remain nameless, WHY I wanted to go again, since I "saw it last year for a few hours".   *sigh*  

Oh, before I forget:   here is the link to the actual site....

It appears now that I WILL NOT be able to go.....my financial situation has once again, bottomed out, and I haven't been able to  stave off the "leak" that continues to drain my account(s).


dang, I wish we had something even remotely like that here. I'd be there with bells on. Unfortunately, Queens is just a little too far for me :-(

I know they hold one in England, maybe next year they could consider your neck of the woods (world) :-)

Makers Faire 2011!

eric wilhelm.jpginstructables pirate flag.jpg

Thanks, I hope to see many MORE pictures...did I miss a post to a forum somewhere?

It was so great to see everyone there! Any chance of seeing the author photo from today?

Pictures ! Did anyone get pictures! I was unable to attend and need SOME kind of fix..... LOL

I'm going, like I did last year (but didn't see Instructables there then). Looking forward to seeing crew from this site!

Oh, they were there, I have pictures to prove it LOL

I totally believe you. But I was only there one day, so there were way too many things to see!

I know, I was only there one day last year and so I am planning on doing both days next year come H eee double matchsticks or high water :-)

Why would you go again??? You're kidding right? I'd be buying next year's tickets the day after last year's was over. I think it must be just sooooo cool!

She has this idea it is a "show" that is the same year in and year out, BUT she will not come with me to prove that wrong.....hmmm, a disturbance in the force, I feel.

I've even phoned and get the message "Answering system off"
This is the number i am calling 1415-369-2826
Can you get through? Pleasssse?

1st. Only going once to Maker Faire does not make sense. It would not be the same without you.

2nd. I was trying to call Instructables. That is their phone number. Thanks for getting in touch with Eric. He got in touch and said to switch to Firefox, but I don't know what it is or how to do it or if I will cause all sorts of problems to our computer.
Thanks for helping me,

Oh, well it sounds like you are using MSIE (microsoft internet explorer) as a browswer, you can download and install FireFox from this link here....
but I don't know why things "would have changed" for you whether you used FF or MSIE, since I have to use MSIE sometimes (sometimes it won't let me upload files or pictures, but other then that, other things work).

As for the call, do you have to use a special "foriegn country" code like we do when we call outside the USA ?  Other then that, I am not sure what the problem is, unless time zones are making the hours wrong.

Re the call. Yes, there is a time difference, and I did dial 1 plus the area code and then the number (which is how calls from Canada to the USA are made) since you so kindly helped me get in touch with Eric via email, I probably won't call (but I might because of concerns re. firefox)
Thanks Again Mike
P.S. keep reading the book you suggested while considering the Maker Faire "situation."

Ok, sorry, I didn't mean to sound like a know it all, just didn't know for sure.

I have to give up this year on going......there isn't any way. I don't even HAVE a way there (needs planning ahead of time).

Caitlinsdad, will you be coming to this one also? Or will Caitlin resist too much :-)

Tell her "resistance if futile (if less then one ohm)" LOL


6 years ago

I will be attending :) But very Curious to know who else is. I'll be driving from CT (2 hr drive!) Seems to be the only thread for NYC Maker Faire unless I missed some. It will be my first time going and on my own mind you :)

I beleive Eric and Candida will be there. I really wish I could attend, it is so close. . . and I am getting too old to put things off anymore. . .

If I don't get there this year, I am going to really be upset.....this is only once a year, and I NEED some form of vacation.....