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MARS: Fire & Ice - this Sunday @ The Crucible Answered

The Crucible and NASA presents:
MARS: Fire & Ice
Sunday, May 25th, 1-5pm

It's a FREE Open House to celebrate the Phoenix spacecraft landing on Mars. Experience the mission via live feeds from NASA, browse a Mars-themed art show, learn more about space exploration, watch fiery demonstrations, and test your skills with Mars-oriented pinball machines - all in The Crucible's 56,000 square feet of studio space where scientists, engineers, and artists of all kinds come to play.

The Crucible - 1260 7th Street - Oakland, CA


I watched it at home with my wife, pretty cool, now the best part comes, all the crazies picking apart the photos and putting up blogs "proving" that the photos show life, Jesus, or Veronica on Mars.

Veronica? From "some" of the movies I have see (mostly b movies) they should find Elvira:


Why do I live on the East Coast? =[

Did it land okay?

I was in Florida on a business trip a long time ago and happened to see some rocket get launched from Cape Canaveral. I was miles away but everyone stopped on the highway to look at the smoke trail in the sky. It was pretty cool as it looked like it arced to a horizontal flight when it disappeared into space. It must be awesome to be even closer or see the shuttle lift off. I think they post schedules for flights except the top secret missions which lift off whenever.

I know what you mean.....and I torture myself too because I had subscribed to their notifications, so I knew about this, and just got upset enough to delete it without opening it (the email, I mean) *sigh*