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MEGAUPLOAD.com has been seized by the FBI (and you thought they needed SOPA)... Answered

With all the discussion about SOPA & PIPA, the blackout and the White House pulling their approval of the legislation (as its written only), you would think nothing more would come of this for a while...


A very popular file host - MegaUpload.com has been canned.

If you go to their website you'll see the big FBI "Anti-Piracy Warning" about the fact that they are allegedly involved in:

"Conspiracy to Commit Racketeering",
"Conspiracy to Commit Copyright Infringement",
"Conspiracy to Commit Money Laundering" and
"Criminal Copyright Infringement"

The New Zealand Police have raided several homes and businesses linked to the owner of MegaUpload.com.

Its only a matter of time before other similar websites start disappearing.

And you thought they needed SOPA to do all this... o_0


There's an interesting news video that can be found on YouTube that discusses this story...

Kim Dotcom and his employees are accused of $500,000,000.00 U.S. in losses to the industry.

Note the Hollywood Celebs and Music Makers who once promoted MegaUpload in the video...


6 years ago

It's all consistent with the concept that the U.S. has jurisdiction over the entire web-- In theory and practice controlling domains registered and operated outside US borders.

At least the the dot com, dot org, and dot net portions (for now).

It is very worrying how so many governments will so readily ignore international law and human rights, purely at the behest of a relatively tiny number of media moguls.

The [alleged] crime did not even happen "in" the US, since the website is based in Hong Kong and administered from NZ.

The UK is as bad, recently allowing a chap to be extradited to the US for [allegedly] allowing others to break copyrights, even though there is no reciprocal arrangement for such extraditions.

Technically, some of the servers were in VA (where the suit was filed), so the argument is that it DID happen in the US. (That is, that's the argument for claiming jurisdiction in the complaint.) Additionally, the takedown was an international collaboration, in which law enforcement agencies of many countries cooperated.

I agree the trend is worrying indeed, though. It's disgusting how the corporations can simply act with impunity so often (for example, Universal got the "I support megaupload" song taken off of youtube...even though the copyright did not belong to them, but to MegaUpload!). And I find it upsetting that it (is/was) considered hunky-dory for the POTUS to declare war rather than congress - even though that's quite unconstitutional - but DOG FORBID even one letter of copyright law be violated! The priorities here are really screwed up.

Thanks for the clarification (BBC are just reporting it as Hong Kong-based).

It is absolutely a case of strange priorities - if only they put such high-profile efforts into actual international crimes, such as human trafficking or child exploitation in sweatshops.

There's no "money" in that, though. It is a sad sad show of human (in)ability to be moral when "money" is flowing. . .

Strange priorities indeed. The irony is that many of those sweatshops make knock-offs of Nike, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and others... I guess the "copyright" infringement isn't a large enough loss despite the exploitation.

Er, I think the priorities are the same in both cases -- support the monied interests and their sources of income.

Lithium Rain, you are correct, the Virginia servers is what U.S. authorities were able to pursue.

I posted a YouTube video of a very recent news story showing Kim Dotcom and his employees in custody. The story shows the "I support MegaUpload" bit, where Will I Am, Jamie Foxx, Kanye, Kim Kardashian and a few others all say "I love MegaUpload"...

This whole thing is about corporate greed... Authorities have moved faster on this than they have on those accused of war crimes and terrorism.

Hmm, well looks like the  U.S. wants New Zealand to extradite Dotcom and Megaupload associates Mathias Ortmann, Bran van der Kolk and Finn Batato, according to these guys.

I have to  agree with you guys that this is a waste of resources just to please the RIAA and MPAA, there are real criminals out there that don't get this kind of  "attention" and are lower on the priorities list that Megaupload owner &co.

Wonder how this will play out in the end, wouldn't be surprised if   megaupload will surface again sometime after this whole deal blows

Meawhile there are still plenty of megaupload alternatives, not to mention that new sharing tech gets launched all the time. Like I was reading about some new audials light piece of software that among other things lets you share media files with friends via invitation, thanks to the built in audials anywhere filesharing feature. Looks pretty safe since no one can access your stuff unless you send out an invitation.

Anyhow, getting back to the point, wonder what's next in this whole Megaupload shenanigan...