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MP3 input alternative on a stereo Answered

Hi guys, I have a really burning question thats been eating me for a while. Can you put an alternative input on a stereo system to read mp3s? For example i have this stereo that plays mp3s but only has the disk input. This means in order to use it i have to burn the songs i want off my computer on to a disk then i can listen to my music. For those who probably WILL ask, I don't like playing my music off my computer because it's generally really loud, i want to use this in another room as well. My taste in music constantly changes, eventually i will want to remove a couple songs or add new ones. With that said, i want to know if you can remove/replace or add another input system to where a CD reader would be so that it reads a USB input or something. Then music can easily be manipulated to the users liking. As long it's not directly connected to a computer or requires the user to make new copies of the same music that take up space. Thanks!! Gonazar


technically, the CD player in your car consists of nothing mare than 3 important parts: 1) a motor that spins the CD to a readable speed; 2) a laser that shines on the CD and reflects the optical data into the 3) circuitry that understands and translates the mp3 data. Really, you wouldn't need the first two parts if you can figure a way to feed the light directly to the internal circuitry, perhaps by placing a laser diode into your CD player that shines right onto the sensor circuitry. But this means an external power supply just to read the data from your storage device to translate into light, or else modifying your CD player (not easy). I have a neat little device that acts both as a USB storage device and an mp3 player, it's a MuVo. I'd recommend it for what you want to do.

Well, my stereo doesn't have an external input, (piece of crap was bought just before the time it became mainstream) I also don't have an ipod, and i'm trying to get it to run independent of a computer, so i don't have to have both on in order to run it. I really just want to know is it possible to replace/HACK "CD storage" to "Mass storage device"

Radio Shack sells cables that are a male 1/8th inch plug on one end, and two RCA plugs on the other end. Plug the 1/8th into your iPod, and the RCA into your stereo. If you don't have an iPod, get a "wireless headphone" system and plug it into the headphone out on your computer. Then take the receiving unit and use the Radio Shack cord to attach it to your stereo. You might have to overclock the transmitter to get the range you want, but get the longest range unit you can find first.

You can et them a lot cheaper than that and they're the same thing without iPod on it...

Just realized that's not what I thought it was, a normal one will take any output from le 'puter though, the USB just seems like it'd be limiting it to computer

. The only practical solution I see is to get an MP3 player. Transfer the files to the player via USB and then use the player's headphone jack to get the signal into your stereo. . If your stereo has an auxiliary input, you can get a cable that goes from the headphone jack of the player to the RCA phono jacks on the stereo. If not, Firebert010's cassette adapter should do the trick.

yes but i dont have a ipod and i'm looking for something like an adapter for a usb thumb drive. Logically thinking i thought since CDs are just memory storage, perhaps an alternate storage device could be used?