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MS Agent Voice Recognition ...not TTS Answered

I can't seem to locate any code snippets for the MS Agent Voice Recognition control. I understand It's not really supposrted any longer but I recall the voice recognition was incredibly accurate; especially for its time. The text-to-speech wasn't much impressive, but I'd really like to see some code for the VR; just to jog my memory as to what needs to be done. I remember it being relatively simple to create your own database or data file of words [or hard code it]. I have VB6 loaded with everything ready to go [tts AND vr], just don't remember how to initiate the "listening" and interface with the input. I have the current MSNET IDE, but not sure if those old controls are compatible. If I have to switch over though, it's no biggie.

Any help is appreciated. I have an excellent ible idea I'd like to see come to life.



6 years ago

Some quick googling turns up this http://www.codeguru.com/vb/gen/vb_misc/plugins/article.php/c11019 which seems to have VB code for simple voice recognition and command execution

You are most welcome, although i just cherrypicked a few of your words and googled it :-)

I figured as much, from the first few words. And you're the second person today, on this site might I add, to call me on my apparent aversion [laziness] to do a search on my own.

Seriously though, thanks.