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MSA SCBA? Answered

Where can i buy a used/new airhawk or firehawk MSA SCBA?


I Have A Stealth L-30 30 Min Tank. It Is Ready To Breath Air. I Will Sell You My Mask Also With A Heads Up Display Of How Much Air Is Left In The Bottle Instead Of Having To Read Your Pass Device. Let Me Know. (850)512-3837

i did eventually find one but im interested in learning what "heads up display" is...

Are you a firefighter?

Shouldn't have to be a firefighter. SCBA is commonly used in industry for vessel entry and areas with toxic vapors.

That's not why I asked. If you look on his profile and look at one of the earlier Q's he has asked, there is an attached picture of what appears to be a firefighter climbing out of a window with a note attached saying "this is me" or something similar. If he was a firefighter he would know where to get BA.

If all else fails, you could probably buy SCUBA equipment and then just not go U.

Why do you think you need one?

Scuba is heavier, more cubic feet, and the control is on top where it can snag.
Perhaps a pony bottle or rework most of it.

I agree with "ask your fire department where they buy theirs." You may find they won't sell to you. Or they might, if you actually have a legitimate reason for wanting one.

I doubt you'll be able to find used; my guess would be that they're used until unsafe and then trashed to make sure nobody tries to use them unsafely. But the folks who sell 'em would know if there was a used market.


7 years ago

Ask your fire dept.
Or a Hock shop.
Nobody in the trade would risk your lawyers.