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It CAME! It finally CAME!!! W00t!

I'll post a picture of myself with it later to get the patch.

>Happy dance<

>Feels guilty because of others who don't have one yet<


Mine STILL hasn't come... T.T

Kiteman; It's just you and me.



But I don't think he's got a copy of the book yet.

On one of Am's topic skate asked if he was ever wrong

Cheez-whiz, I think you and derinsleep really are stalking me...

I'm not stalking you, I'm just following and keeping close track of you Its not stalking till you get evidence missy

Why do you keep calling me missy? That is the definition of stalking. :D

Only a couple of more days... Or *holding back tears* weeks...

ooh, talking rap, nice work.............

it was first said by rappers in the 80's and i think its the name of a rap song

80's rap I can deal with.

Early, not so much later 90's..

That would be considered Early 90's. And no, just b/c I like early 90's rap, doesn't mean I like all of it.

ok, I also like 90's rap, I just dont listen to it because its so old.

check this one out: link

Congratz!! All the work you put in on the Tshirt project, you probably deserve a dozen of them...
Hey, we'll finally find out what you look like!

She's a little overprotective- there's no way she's going to post her face.

its okay, we'll stalk her down other ways
I've done it before...

Hehe, I probably know her better than you, considering we were partners in an undercover task force...

see my time traveling friend went into the future and found out the victor of our quarrels, me!

first in what? and im not quite sure that I'm older so you'd have both the age and beauty and I will be crying in the corner because I wasn't invited

You know how you can use layers in photoshop.....

Aw, thanks! I just really appreciate getting one-you must have pulled some major strings to get a book for a collaborator on an ible that didn't even get published...