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MYTHBUSTERS Instructables Answered

If you have some ideas for Mythbusters Instructables post them here. I you know to make something that the Mythbusters built post it here. Discus your ideas whit other fans...


in the episode "torpedo tastic", adam makes a fluid explosive that explodes on contact that he attaches to the torpedo, does anyone know how to make this fluid?

Someone mentioned a personal Buster earlier. I know I could use one of those =]

Every one could use a personal buster! :)

The non dairy creamer / sawdust cannon!

a smaller one; https://www.instructables.com/id/Air_Cannon_1/ just put the creamer in the muzzle

someone has made bolistic gel on this site

i have one instructable that i could post, but its not really a build, its more of a way they did something. The card throwing.

Well, do it, why not, try to build Jamies card thrower. :)

don't try this at home here i come earthquake machine!

So, hows the earthquake machine coming up? Do you have some ides on how to make it?

I don't know exactly if it will work but if you put a barely of bricks on a pully and suspend a dummy 8 feet high I think the barrel wont break.

I think I am going to make an Instructables on how to make an Adams cube.

The lead balloon thing? I made one! I watched the show once and made one right away. Works rather well.

They have a web site and forum also. I go there now and then when I get a note telling me someone posted to my inbox......normally an Admin and an announcement of some sort, but it doesn't happen often. I had quite the debate with some of them over the one concerning Hot Peppers :-)

Are you planing on trying to build on of these things. What do you have in mind?

You can reply directly to comments with the reply button in the bottome right hand corner of the comment, otherwise they don't know you replied... I'll have another look through the episodes, there are a few things that I like the idea of...