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Mac Classic Answered

Hey !

Today im getting given to broken macs They look good on the exterier but are broken inside ! ones a g4 quicksilver BUT im also getting a mac classic which if i cannot get working Im going to take the guts out and fit a tv inside with a radio !

Anyone got any ideas for the g4 quicksilver??



8 years ago

 Stick a PC in it, cut a window in the side, and add some cold cathodes?  What I would really want is a Powermac g5 case though.  Too bad they are so expensive.

Yeah when i got the g4 case home i fell in love with macs Its alot simpler than windows And its just gorgeous!   I opened it up and all its missing is a hdd (ive put one in ) some ram and a graphics card  So im gonna put that in get a keyboard and Try a mac server !

I have a Mac Classic II. It has a checkerboard boot problem, but I'm going to fix it once I find a long enough allen wrench....

Just use a long Small flatblade screwdriver its alot easier !