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Mac OS X Lion to play back Bluray on Mac? Answered

This Macgo website (http://www.macblurayplayer.com/)  sells software which allows Mac OS X Lion to play back Bluray on Mac.
It mentions one can use external Bluray Drive.
 Does anyone here use this software,Mac Blu-ray Player? Does it really work? Which brand of external Bluray Drive do you use?


Yes, this is what I use on my Mac. It works pretty well when I insert a new Blu-ray Disc into my hard drive Pioneer BD-XD04.

Recently I found this software Macgo Mac Blu-ray Player, of course I tried. What surprised me is that this player could play almost all the Blu-ray Disc I throw to it flawlessly. Compared to other media tools, I am sure the right one is here.

i just use UFUSoft Mac Blu-ray Player (only $39) on my mac lion,which works like a charm for playing Blu-ray disc, BD ISO, and kinds of video formats, i like it.

You can download the program for free here. The paid version is for commercial use only.

I use a Mac (and prefer it over a PC), but I don't use blu rays (I know...) but the reviews are good on the program. Whether you have a PC or a Mac, they both require software and a compatible drive to playback blu rays, and up until recently, there wasn't much available for a Mac, as Apple isn't exactly embracing blu ray technology.

I'm not sure why, but you seem to need an internet connection for playback, and you need either an internal or an external blue-ray drive. As far as selecting a drive, I don't have a specific model to recommend, so either google it or check in with a store. If the website, or sales staff are unbiased, non-commission employees, you'll get better reviews of whats available where you live.

Interesting... I was thinking that QuickTime would play blu-rays... I guess I was wrong! :o

I don't know about that program specifically, but it should work with any drive that claims to be compatible with Mac. Although I have a deep hatred for macs, I would like to believe that the included programs should play blu-rays with the right hardware. I know they do with PC.