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Mache materials? Answered

What if I wanted to make a mask or something of that sort? Should I stick with paper or try my luck with something like gauze? I know there is stuff like plaster gauze but I already have a lot of other stuff to work with. Also if I wanted to speed up the drying process so I can take it off of my face could I used something like a hair dryer or heat vent?

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MikaelaHolmes (author)2017-11-28

Are you making it on your own face? I describe how to make a mask with paper mache in this instructable https://www.instructables.com/id/Easy-Paper-Mache-Mask/, but you don't actually form it on your face. Plaster gauze strips work well, and dry pretty quickly if you are actually making it on your face. I think paper mache doesn't work super well directly in a face, but if you use a wire mesh base like I did in that instructable you can make a pretty good one.

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