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This forum is meant for WW2 Knex Machine guns. Talk about your guns or just post them! Share ideas too!



7 years ago

make an fg-42 please


9 years ago

I made a machine gun ammo chain a while back:


could use that on my mg42 i have on my instrucables but im not sure how i would attach it

coolio i should use that for my MG42 when i make it. do u still have it?

Nope:( took it apart, tried to make this, but it didn't turn out good.

i made an mg42 look at my instrucable for it

Someone make an FG42 please!

Actually I was thinking about it. I even developed a side loading magazine design. The rest of the gun bores me though. I don't like a repeating design that much. It looks like a stick with handle and triangle at the end. By far one of my favorite weapons but a little simple.

True. Actually, I could do with an opinion on something. I am trying to make a weapon with an actual bolt block, ie. something that can be pulled back which cocks the gun and loads a round into the breech in one movement, rather than having a magazine that feeds straight into the chamber. If you can visualise it, could you think of a good place to have the trigger?

Solekiller and I were working on one. He actually had a prototype design just using a mod of IaC's trigger. There were basically two barrels for rods. The magazine loaded into the bottom barrel which went up a ramp into the real barrel. Then there was a bolt handle which pulled back the pin and then you pushed it forward to push a pin in the lower barrel to load a piece of ammo.

So it had a cylindrical magazine under the barrel, like some shotguns?

No there was a magazine that just loaded into a chamber separate from the real barrel. The bolt would push the round down the path, up a ramp, and into the real barrel.

Oh, ok. Sounds like an interesting mech., did it work at all?

Well obviously it worked. It was made by solekiller after all. The only problem is that you needed to tilt the gun back a little or the bullet would be too far forward to hit with the pin. And it required quite a lot of black hands so I was hoping I could fix that.

That's it, I'm gonna make my own bottom loading bolt action. I've done top loading, now bottom loading. Expect to hear from me sometime on msn.

Nah, I made a prototype a few weeks ago, but I didn't put a trigger on, it loaded bullets perfectly! I am gonna work on it later.

Nah, I'm really not, since I have pictures to prove it.. Oh, and several witnesses. It's definately the worst bottom loading, but it's the first that was a bullpup.

Wow, do you believe the timing we pulled of?

Never under-estimate me, lol.

How could we...you haven't posted anything new yet. It's not that hard to build but it's hard to get it to work perfectly

Hmm. I see where you're coming from, and I agree, I haven't posted anything new.

Anyway I'ma start working on it tonight maybe (if I get the feeling back in my hands).

Lol, but remember, a mod to reduce pieces should in no circumstances be allowed to deplete performance.

LOOK IN THE SKY, ITS A BIRD, ITS A PLANE, OR Its my Fg42 Pasted right below this comment


here is the model the one above is a different model

FG42 (1).jpg

Ohh were u comparing it to the picture above? dont do that. not the right type of model. Here is the model that i made

nice FG-42 but did you make a knex version :)

I call the sten mk. 2

Just curious: How often do you use knex? Every day? How many hours?

not every day. and if i do, maybe an hour.

Here it is!


No offense, but it really isn't.

it is. U just havent looked at it closely. Bad aim sorry!