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Machine sewing a patchwork quilt together Answered

I am making a patchwork quilt for an art project and want to machine sew the squares together. I do not want them hemming, I would prefer to have the stitches visable and the square edges butting up to eachother. I understand this would not be as neat and tidy but this is how i want it. Does anyone know a machine stitch that would work well for this? Thanks x


I think this may be what Lemonie is referring to: You could use a zigzag stitch to join the squares, but even then I'd suggest a bit of overlap to prevent the edges fraying and pulling away from the stitch line. The zigzag would cover the cut edge of the top square, giving the illusion of butted edges, but would still have something to grab on the underside.
Alternately, you could use the zigzag stitch to applique the squares onto a solid backing fabric, which would serve the same purpose.

That said, I think Steve's "wrong side out" idea sounds really interesting, too.

WHy not quilt conventionally, but leave the quilt "wrong side" out ?

You should hem them, but if I picture what you want you want correctly, a wide-stitch. What does your machine offer?