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Machine shop training course. Answered

I am thinking of running machine shop training courses in the UK for those interested in learning how to really use lathes and other big shop equipment. The idea is subject to insurance company permission etc. but I wanted to gauge if there was any potential interest from people here (obviously only those based in the UK, unless you really want to commute)

I'd expect costs to be something like 50 GBP per day + materials, and no more than two or three people per session, keeping the ratio of machines to people as 1:1. We'll probably try and do "group projects" as well as bring your own. The idea of group projects is that every ones gets to make more than one of something, to get techniques sorted out, and then we combine everyones work into assemblies - collaboration at its finest.



I would totally do this if I lived on your continent.

I'd say "yes", except Manchester is a bit of a hike from Suffolk.

However, I'd say you'd be able to fill such a course from your local student population (150k?  200k?); arty types wanting new skills, Makers wanting a bit of hands-on etc.

You could advertise locally, and online.  Is there a Dorkbot in Manchester?

No signs of Dorkbot here. I wondered about local school "resistant materials" teachers ? 

I am one of the people behind HACMan, a hackspace group based in Manchester, I can ask at our meetings if people are interested (i know i am!). If you fancy coming along, We're at MadLab every wednesday evening.

Hi, I have two young engineers working with me from Monday, one is well known in this parish....We may well try and make a company night out every week with you - you're in Shudehill aren't you ? Steve

Edge Street, In the Northern Quarter, yeah. See you there (hopefully)!

Those too, plus maybe their older students (suggest they bring their "gifted and talented" [G&T] pupils).

I certainly would be interested. PM or e-mail if you go ahead with this, sounds cool...

Since I was only intending to run this with two or three people at a time, if you are interested, I can run it with you and Lemonie.

Where are you in Wales ? North Wales, out to Bangor is around 1.5 hours drive away, A55 permitting.


I'm interested, but I'd want to have something to make and take home - i.e. a bit of work for a project. I'll think.


I've made canon before, but some skateboard-bearings and (essential part), I'd like a stab at a wind-turbine.


Something from Hugh Pigott ? Axial Flux alternator ? We certainly could do a good job of the bits for one of those.


.  Sounds like an excellent idea. I was fortunate enough to be able to take shop classes in high school, but could do with a refresher on many machines. I'm in the US, so I'm not a potential student, but good luck anyway.
.  Posting iBles of at least the group projects is a must, of course. ;)

Did you know nowadays you don't have to wind your catapaults by hand and there is something called elekatricity to make things move?

It is truly sad that they took out those shop classes from school.  We had woodworking, metal shop, foundry, typing, drafting and art.  You would learn everything by doing and get exposure to dangerous machines.  The schools have since turned all of those workspaces to computer labs and got rid of any program that encourages creativity.

.  Sorry, but I'm just too afeared of that electicimity to have it piped into my shop or house.
.  I realize that schools have only limited resources and computer labs and such are a must, but I'd rather see the money come from the sports department's (not Phys Ed) budget instead of Art and Vo-Tech. YMMV.

Hey, don't go messin with the b-ball or football program.  You don't want to dash the dream of producing a star athlete that will drop out of school to join the pro-ranks.

.  Yeah. My opinions aren't always all that popular. I bet that's a big surprise.
.  It cost me close to $25 to join the ranks of the Pros. heehee

".  Posting iBles of at least the group projects is a must, of course. ;)"

Even if we make lots of little knex pieces out of metal then put them together as guns?

.  ROFLMAO!! Especially if you do that!