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Made It! Patch contest Answered

Hey, another Patch contest from Kiteman! Have you made one of my Instructables? Post a picture of it and earn this specially-created patch! (Old pics count - you don't need to make it again just to earn the patch)


 Worlds easiest origami bird 


Cool - unfortunately, I have run out of patches, and I await more.

glueless robot with a shield weapons making in progress


That's cool, I'm sending your patch now.

Could you also hit the "I made it" button on the actual project?

Awwww! I made your coffin thingy last month. But I got no picture :(

No picture, no patch.

(And I'm out of patches, anyway)


8 years ago

I made your labyrinth!


sharlston cat is telling the truth

he posted a comment about multiplying ansking for a patch cos we sorta did it together

hi im sharlstons frined we learnt to multiply together could we possibly hace a patch? thanks

If your profile has no patches, your orangeboard will work. As soon as you get a patch, you cannot comment on your orangeboard. Trust me, I have tried. Killer~safecracker discovered this, not me.

No wonder mine appears to be slightly screwed. Too late. Oh well.

So it works if you don't have any on your profile, but you can still recieve them?

Unless you're a pro, then you can comment anywhere you like. Have The Powers mentioned about if / when the bug will be fixed?

oh so you can comment on orangeboards that normally don't work if you are a pro... I see implications. And no, I haven't seen any comments from them about the bug being fixed, this is a temporary fix for broken orangeboards.

Not easy to self-document, but i think you get the idea! :)


Gracias! The camera I used had no timed photos- I'll leave it to your imagination on how I pressed the button. :)

Huh? No I hadn't made up my decision, I was just saying I had to think on my toes.


probably put your nose to the grindstone for that one ;-)

finally, someone that is able to use their head. :)

Ooh you advertising little... wait a second that's not a bad idea... I've made a number of your things buuuuut, no camera.


8 years ago

/me hasn't done any of Kiteman's Instructables. o.o

yay i learned to multiply and passed my test at school thankyou kiteman i dont know how to do this but if you ask me a multiplication question i answer it maybe? i might do the coffin

Maybe a photo of your test paper? Ah, patched anyway!

minutes after posting the other comment i made a mini kite but i had to swap the transparent material for thin paper you might not be able to see the bristles if you look close you might be able to see them soz for bad pictures do i get another patch fodoing another thing?


heres the two I could still find the others I took apart and made into different things. love your Instructables keep up the good work!

kiteman projs 001.jpgkiteman projs 002.jpg

I made the coffin, but have no photos.... How do I photograph the how to multiply????....


8 years ago

I made pretty labyrinths.


. I didn't build your catapult, but I did buy one. LOL


Oh, come on LiRa! You know you love that dashing hillbilly look!