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Magazines that are like 'Instructables'? Answered

Are there any magazines, besides maybe "ReadyMade" that are similar to 'instructables'?  Love the website, but I also like DIY type magazines, and 'ReadyMade' is the closest thing I can find.  Any ideas would be appreciated!  Thank you!


Over the past 20 years or so, we lost a LOT of the nice electronics magazines in the USA. I had forgotten about Nuts n Volts as it is still around. But ones like Electronics Now, and Popular electronics were good too, but are no longer (as far as I know).   I REALLY miss Electronics Illustrated *sigh* 

For the radio enthusiast there are CQ,  73,  and QST magazines. In fact, many of the following are still available.

"Make" is also delivered in a really nice electronic format too.


Yes, I get both so I can see "corrections" and print them out when they are applicable. :-)

Any decent (UK) newsagent will stock a range of magazines on crafts and hobbies - woodworking, radio-control, metalworking etc.

If they don't have it on their shelves, they should have a catalogue from which you can ask them to stock magazines you are interested in.

drknotter is correct....MAKE magazine is great. I subscribe to it and visit the MAKEZINE.COM site now and then also.

You should check out Make Magazine. I read the website all the time, good stuff in there.