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Magic Wheel Answered

The quest for the most ridiculous personal transportation continues with this bizarre merging of a rollerblade, a bicycle, and a penny farthing. If you want one you'll have to get it shipped from Singapore for $580 so if you really want to try it out I'd guess that you could make it for less than $50 worth of spare parts. Anyone interested?



how can I get free plans??? roberto.demarchi@sercomtel.com.br


 I'm buying one of these right now. Thanks for posting this.

Haven't thought about this in a looong time. Looks like the price is now $90 from amazon.

For that price it's almost compelling. I'm curious to try it, but I already have a few bikes that I already love riding.

To me it looks like the "frame" would be pushing against your thigh while your other leg is used to push, so there really wouldnt seem to be a balance problem.  I could be wrong though.


9 years ago

its almost done and it is looking real good if anyone is interested send us a message i will be more then happy to send you some pics of the prototype. i say prototype because this one still needs to look as good as the real magic wheel. i am thinking of using this at my school since i usually have to travel from one side of the school to the other and if i turn up late i get locked out


10 years ago


Swimming wasn't the first thing I thought of with that comment. Oh dear...

You know, I was contemplating an addendum along the lines of (as in the swimming stroke, not as in stroke breasts) but I thought "nah, they'll know what I mean and that would just be a cheap gag". Now you've given me mental images... someone standing in the street in complete bewilderment after an assailant glided out of nowhere and very quickly felt them up before gliding away making swimming motions...

LOL I was actually picturing some girls riding them down the street breaststroking themselves, if you know what I mean. Ok, no more... LOL

Hahahahahahahahahaha that made me laugh ....A LOT

thats one expensive pos bc wheel with a trainer. google bc wheel, much better

I want to try to make one as well... looks interesting to say the least.

I definitely want to make one, or try to.

looks fun!!! id buy for... 50-60 £ or 100- 120$


10 years ago

I'd try making one if I had plenty spare acrylic around. =)
....and some practice with working with it!

Ok I have a spare front wheel off a bike, bulletproof tyre, literally so its heavy, good inertia to learn about these and it'll tolerate my bad engineering, I have a bike seat, so I need something for the sides and feet stands and a back wheel?

It doesn't look like they are "seated". In fact, that might be a major "pain" if it had a seat ?

They look to rest on the middle bit at some points, a seat would give more control though

Hmm, I....am not so sure. Maybe if it were very adjustable and not very wide....but one already is gripping it a bit (similar to riding a horse actually) with the legs.

Does it have any advantages over skateboards and rollerblades? Apart from costing ten times as much and taking up three times the space for storage?

Just guessing, but at certain speeds, there would be a greater amount of gyroscopic stability just given the larger wheel size spinning. Corners would not be as sharply turned, but I think the ride and cornering would me more like a bike than a skateboard.

I wouldn't be worried about my "pants" so much...

Awesome! I want one

i wouldn't like it for the fact that you have nothing to hold on to. i alway likes scooters and bikes over skateboards.

Hey that's pretty cool...

Is one just standing on one leg then ?

It's huge, but it shouldn't be too hard to make =)


10 years ago

If you sit on it the way I think you sit on it, that's gotta be painful.

you dont sit on it..... lol =P
But i can imagine falling off being a bit bad.... the wheel being between your legs and all. XI

if you think tht way, than bycicles are really stupid

How do you ride it then? By doing a handstand?

It looks difficult and uncomfortable, but it does look fun.

It seems interesting, But It doesn't look particularly fun to ride. I'm all for originality, but PHUN is the main element.