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Magnetic Levitation Sculpture for sale on kickstarter! Answered

You may have seen my award winning Magnetic Levitation Sculpture instructables project. (Won the Magnetic Challenge contest, and hoping to win the Epilog laser challenge!)

Kits are now up on Kickstarter if anyone wants to get one.  There's many models to choose from, depending on how much you want to back my project, including a limited edition acrylic version.  They will be available for sale after the kickstarter project is finished funding (for an additional $10 plus shipping and handling) if you'd rather wait!

Thanks for your time!



Congratulations, John. This is the first instructable I`ve seen that met all these criteria: awesome, hard to make, cheap to buy. Looking forward to getting my own, glad you got funded!

Thanks makendo!

Kickstarter and Instructables are awesome. I plan to put all my kickstarter projects on instructables. Just have to time it right so I can enter the appropriate contests! ;)