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Magniwork whats the story dose it work? Answered

I did a google search and have been looking around for answers to the question so I thought that I would turn it over to you. Has any one built one of these generators? Dose it work?


I can definitely say that Magniwork does a job. Can you run your entire house on it - well you should check out my in depth review on my blog to answer that one :)


7 years ago

When my friend told about magniwork, for a second i thought its a scam but after reading this valuable review does magniwork work and how it works i am saving hundred dollars monthly.

In prinsiple you can generate fairly large amounts of electrical power from the wind. HOWEVER it's not magic and there are several web sites dealing with wind turbines as well as instructables. You don't need to pay for the information. I am not aware of any system that is dramatically more efficient than the commercial wind power systems you can buy. So I doubt the hyperbolic claims of this system ( have not seen it however). Turning magnets near a coil of wire generates electricity - simple fact of physics. Do the research and save yourself some money.

so has anyone even built one of these generators ? everyone has an opinion but has anyone built one?

unfortunately technology like this does not work. the claim behind them is that they tap into "zero point energy", which is a real scientific fact. zero point energy is the underlying wobble in the fabric of the universe (it is also the reason why you can't actually get to absolute zero). but the wobble is so small that you can't actualy harness it.

Right from line 1 "A Long Kept Secret For Generating Free Electricity..." it says total (rubbish).
Because most people don't understand these things they will find some gullible-suckers who will buy into these ideas...
rickharris has covered the rest.