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Make Mag was on PBS radio show: I found the PodCast... Michael Feldman's Whadayaknow, AND they mentioned American Maker in Chicago (the first of a trend?) Answered

Michael Feldman's What do you know? Featured an interview with Mr. Jalopy, of Make Mag fame.
I am sorry I don't have a link yet (they haven't posted it podcast yet).

Michael Feldman's ''What do you know'' at www.notmuch.com

American Maker in Chicago

Here it is !!!!

Hour 2 (I think this is Part 3)...about 7 minutes into the broadcast...the interview scroll down to the 2 hour show.....

:07 - Guest interview with Mr. Jalopy, a leader in the Maker Movement. How do you deal with the disappointment of failure and how to soldier on to succeed and making. What would Mr. Jalopy like to see? He'd like to see things he buys not glued shut. You can't tinker when it's glued shut and you don't really "own" it.



No need to apologize.....I just thought there would be more interest....sorry if I made you feel badly....it was not my intention..

Oh, I am interested in it-I just felt compelled to award you the award.

I mean, you earned it. :D

Yeah, didn't mean to diss your forum topic...

Well, I had really meant that to be a general comment (as opposed to a lieutenant comment) and it accedentally got aimed i.e. attached to your comment

Ok, so I humbly accept this award and would like to thank, um.....my late pet Poco:



Really, it's okay-I've felt that way myself at times when people did the exact same thing to my forum topics.

Well, now I feel bad for making you feel bad because you thoughtyou had made me feel bad, but you didn't, but you still felt bad anyway, so now I feel bad, which means we both feel bad, which really means we both feel good, so that cancels out all previous comments, which means this conversation never happened.


Yeah, and vacuums are normally so loud you can't hear acceptance speaches LOL (I know what you meant though .;-)

Congratulations sir. You have just won the awarm for " Longest forum topic title ever. *Hands cheap plastic award*

*sigh* has anyone any interest in the interview? I sent Mr. Feldman an email giving him some details of the Instructables site hoping they might mention it or interview someone from Home Base, giving Instructables equal time with Make :-)

That's quite a title! Seems like a podcast...

Yes, I found the link to the podcast....

I am hoping they do not delay too long in putting up a link.