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Make Your Own Patches? Answered

I like the idea of giving and getting patches- it's good encouragement for members.

I wanted something bit more personal/appropriate  than the standard patches, so I just spent hours designing patches from my photos and clipart, using MS Photodraw (I HAD to have the rounded corners, not just a square). 

Does anyone else waste time doing that kind of thing or am I getting just a bit obsessive? Here are the results: 



I've also made the ones I gave away, making them specific to the people I've awarded them to:


siggggghhhhhhh... I just don't have a clue about what you guys are talking about, but i think you're very clever

It was you who encouraged me by giving me a patch when I posted my first Instructables :) :)

My understanding of the process is this: you know when you go to choose a patch to send to someone, you have the option to upload your own image, too- so you can design your own patch - basically any square image, preferably not too large.

I wanted mine to look like a patch shape with rounded corners- that was the main problem, as my Photodraw program doesn't cut that shape. It's a fun program that I use to put words on my images for my kids' games, but it's old and you had to buy the program.

Paint.net is a FREE program you can download that has lots of fun features, too - cutting out, adding text, special effects etc- and not too hard to use even for me - though it does tax my concentration;)

Hi :0) thanks for your encouragement. for years now, i have talked about learning more about the computer, and i have been dragging my feet. It's time I got with the "program" ;0)

Ah, it's SO much fun- but terribly time consuming!

I knew nothing about computers till I went back to teaching 8 years ago and got a leased laptop. I taught myself to use the mouse pad by playing Spider Solitaire (still addicted to that!), then finally branched out to other things.

So if I can do it, anyone can - I think I've made just about every mistake along the way, and I'm still learning all the time, but it's incredible what these little contraptions can do! Just do what the kids do- push buttons and see what happens;)

Nice, I jut square-up an image from somewhere...


That would be the logical way to do it! I had to draw the shape and then cut it out with edge finder etc- not so bad but then I thought I should take screenshots of each step- so that took ages - and then I had to do some other designs...and snap them...

I think I might have a touch of Instructable Fever - I really didn't need to document all the steps. After all, I don't think there'll be a huge need for an Instructable on making patches with Photodraw.

I don't think anyone even uses Photodraw any more (I love it- it's nice and simple. I can't get my head around all the layers in the other programs).

Not as cool as yours but I have at least made my own too - for a giveaway, really well done Puzzledd!