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Make a chocolate river for a school project? Answered

Hi All,

My sister is making a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory project for school, and I want to make a real flowing chocolate river. I understand it would be very difficult to do this with real chocolate, so I was thinking I could use chocolate milk. Anyone have any idea on how I could do this? Maybe something with a little tank underneath and a water pump in it or something. The box we are creating this is is a plastic shoebox, but only half of it can be used for the river.

Any help is appreciated!


On the TLC show Cake Boss, they made a huge cake with a chocolate river using a chocolate fountain to pump the chocolate to the top, where the chocolate would then flow along pvc pipe that was cut in half (to work like a slide) and covered in molding chocolate (if I recall correctly). I'm sure they have episodes you can watch online. Even though your project is much smaller than what they built, the same principles apply, so following their lead would make sense (since it actually worked really well). ;-)

The coloured milk is a better idea BUT use water and coco powder or water paint because Milk will SMELL quickly.

Go to your local pet shop and look at aquarium equipment there should be tubing and pumps there.


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A chocolate fountain is a vertical river which will give you insight for
your river.   You can use dark chocolate with certain edible oils and
dip and dunk fruits on fondue forks at the same time.

Take a pic or ible how you suceed.


The challenge here is going to be keeping the chocolate warm. The channel that the chocolate runs down would need to be heated or it will cool and harden near the bottom. You can put some ingredients in it to lower the melting temp but not all the way to room temp. You would also need to melt the chocolate ahead of time which could be a challenge at school without access to a stove and a double boiler.

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It would be a bulky build, but you could redirect the flow down a model river, and then back under the model into the fountain.