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Make a phone ring Answered

Anyone know if its possible to make a phone ring without a call coming in? Maybe get this to work via remote. This would be an awesome practical joke for my office!


I've been trying to nail this down for a while... my hangup is getting a ring voltage transformer to take 110v to 90v 30hz. (phone ringing freq.) use that with a switch or button to complete the circuit. but I can't find the transformer... help?


9 years ago

so the if you could remotely send 90v ac down the line, then hypothetically it would work right? sounds interesting?

I thought it was 20 Hertz AC at 70 Volts?

. Make sure you are disconnected from "Ma Bell" before doing it. And double check me - that was from a sometimes faulty memory - it may not be 90V and it may be pulsed DC.

uh, you can text it to get a remote, no but most phones can preview their ring tone under the call sound settings

I'm referring to a land line. How does the phone know when a call is coming?

. On a POTS system, the phone company sends ~90V AC down the line.

because there is an electronic message coming through the land line