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Make a toaster from a cell phone charger and a spring? Answered

I want to make a small toaster so i was wondering if i could take a cell phone charger and cut the end off and split it into the two wires then attach them to spring causing a short circuit and heat. Is this possible? is it dangerous



Best Answer 8 years ago

It is possible.  It could be dangerous.

It will be a short circuit.  IF the charger has enough power the wires will get very hot.  IF the charger does not fail the wires will get red hot, the insulation will melt and anything flammable touching the wires will catch on fire.  You could burn your house down.

Wire used in a toaster is high resistance wire.  If you use the right wire and the right length it is possible to do what you want to do.  But, you have to do some math and you have to know the resistance of your wire.

It all should be enclosed in a fireproof container so that you don't burn your house down.


8 years ago

Yes, it's dangerous.  No, it won't work.  Don't do it.

.  A quick web search tells me that most cell phone chargers put out 6V max and 750mA max. That's 45W. You're not going to make much toast with 45W.