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Make an AC electric sander motor serviceable for projects? Answered

I am currently making an instructable that requires an electric motor.  I have a Porter Cable electric sander motor that I was going to use for the project.  The ideal motor for this project needs to be able to hook into a wall outlet and the speed of the motor needs to be adjustable by a rheostat or some other adjustable device.  I recently tried connecting the AC motor to a wall outlet which in return the motor began to heat up and produce smoke while showing no movement whatsoever.  I thought this would work because the motor had no power transformer attached inside the sander whenever I took the sander apart.  The base of my question is: How do I go about converting the right amount of voltage or current so that I can use the motor to my discretion of speed?

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iceng (author)2014-11-13

First it is a series AC DC motor you have there designed to run on line.

The only way such a motor can smoke is if both coils and half the armature are intact all though after smoking it it is doubtful to ever run again.

Why it didn't turn is hard to say it ;... [1] was stalled something locked the rotor.... [2] had a per-existing partial short circuit..... [3] even though you turned it by hand the bearing let the magnetic force pull the armature against the coil-iron.... [4] ???

If you get another one use power lamp dimmer to control speed and make sure you are not running a 120 VAC tool in a foreign country with 220 VAC....

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Wired_Mist (author)2014-11-13

Yeah , Blue smoke is never good. Figure out what specs you need and order one online; you'll get exactly what you need. Save yourself some time and greif

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mpilchfamily (author)2014-11-13

Chances are you have destroyed one or more of the coils or it was bad to start with. If you want a motor with speed control then buy one. You won't be able to mod that one for your needs. Even if it was in working order.

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