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​Make an optic close focus. Answered

I want to be able to put my night vision monocular in front of my 2x scope on my airsoft.

I need a combination of lenses to put between my scope and the NV to let the scope focus at a couple of inches (instead of 30 feet), and reduce magnification because otherwise I’d just be looking at a tiny part of the phosphor screen heavily magnified.

I know it’s possible because a commercial unit is available, I just don’t know if it’s feasible for a guy like me (doesn't have a degree in optics) to build (I'm thinking no, but I figured I'd ask).

Thanks for any help you can offer.

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randofo (author)2018-06-11

My gut reaction is that it sounds difficult to figure and the lenses are probably expensive.

Not sure this will do anything at all, but have you tried sticking a a camera lens backwards between them?

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instrucables360 (author)randofo2018-06-11

Thanks for suggesting that, I just tested it and it focuses close but it's very magnified.

I'm thinking maybe I need a concave or biconcave lens.

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