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Make any pair of headphones wireless. Answered

I need to reduce cords on my device, as much as possible, for a project I am working on.
I really would like to convert this device from wired to wireless.

First I will explain the images, then the 2 ideas I have.

First image "before" = A device with a long headphone cord.
Second image "after" = Idea of solution #1.
Third image "better" = Idea of better solution #2.


Idea #1 - The less-preferred method.

For this idea, I'll need to cut the cord with a pair of scissors and rewire the ends to eliminate the excess cord, to achieve the results in the middle image. So How do I go about doing this? And is there a better way?


Idea #2 - The more preferred, long-term method.

Observe the third image (idea #2). Is there any way possible on this earth to achieve this? I think it is absolutely crazy that I cannot find this kind of device anywhere on the market yet, in our day of technology.

Thanks for your comments!


Try this one : https://www.instructables.com/id/DIY-HOW-TO-MAKE-WIRELESS-HEADPHONES/

Why not make an instructable on this! It would be really cool!

So I think what you all are looking for is this http://www.dealextreme.com/p/bluetooth-2-0-a2dp-avrcp-stereo-music-receiver-and-handsfree-black-8422 enjoy...

ok you wanna get a cheap fm radio and an ipod fm transmitter then connect your ear buds to the radio and sync the channles and enjoy

easy, take a female audio jack soder about a 50 feetcoiled copper wire to the positive terminal pins. Then to your MP3 take a cut male audio jack sodder about 50 feet coiled copper wire to the let/right wires and click play and hear youur music.

how it works- the coild produces and elctromagnetic field which is picked up by your headphones and music!!

Yes, it may work, if the coils are less than an inch near eachother... Also, It does create a magnetic field, but one nowhere near close enough to send a signal past 5 inches (I have tried this, it does work, sure, but useless to what the author is asking.) Also, again, it is not that easy.

Its worth mentioning that my device is not headphones. I cannot simply just buy a set of wireless headphones. I want to covert my device, which uses a headphone jack, from wired to wireless. Imagine plugging your wired headphones, or guitar or whatever, into a dongle that sends the signal without wires. Has no one else thought of this?!

Ah I got you. I think... Your headphones plug into the receiving end, and the transmitting end can pug into any headphone out jack. Am I correct?

Yes, you are right. Thats the idea I have, to have anything that receives signal to receive it wirelessly from a dongle that plugs in where the headphones jack would. Any ideas on how to achieve this? Bluetooth would be optimal, I hear the a2dp technology would help this! But its not required. Also, the range doesn't have to be long. I will be always near the wireless dongle, probably between 1-5 feet average.

so do you mean you want to have a transmitter than goes in any headphone socket and a receiver separate from any device with another headphone socket in it and that's where youe would plug in your headphones. I.E. making your headphones wires and bluetooth without destroying or altering the actual headphones?

I believe this is precisely what has been suggested. Now where can I find it available to order online?

yes, that is what i meant as well

If you find a old External bluetooth (plug into your 2.5 mm jack and exports it to bluetooth) And a bluetooth reciever you can do no 3

 This is a great idea, especially if it could be achieved using bluetooth since that would effectively make it interference free.  I've owned a number of wireless headphones that use RF (usually around 900MHz) and they are very susceptible to hiss and static.  I was looking for this exact concept in a retail product when I found your post.  Why would anyone want this you might ask? Well a HUGE advantage this concept would give over conventional wireless headphones is that you wouldn't be restricted to a single pair of headphones. I generally prefer earbuds to bulky over-the-ear phones and there really aren't any good quality wireless earbuds available so it would be awesome if I could use my audiophile level headphones for late night gaming sessions.  If I was technically capable you can bet your butt I'd be furiously working on this idea...

The receiver dongle would need a battery pack to power the headphones, or else you won't get any sound. Basically the receiver dongle would look like a AA battery pack with a headphone jack on it. It sounds like a good idea to me, but people would complain about it being too bulky. Personally, I would just put the receiver in my pocket and not care.

hey how about a combination of this and a crystal radio... Wireless music all around your block according to the instructable.

I would get a cheap bluetooth head set and reciver.