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Make it easier to vote on contests Answered

Some of the contests get hundreds of entries, and if you want until the contest is closed to vote, it can be painful to vote fairly on them all. It is too time consuming to click on each one, to assess the quality of the guide.

Part of the problem is that you can't see enough entries on one page. The second problem is that you can't look at the entry without clicking through, and then you have to back up to get to the contest entry page again.

Is this something that's under review? I would like to see a redesign. One solution might be to reduce the photo size to include more pictures on one page, and also to show a preview of the Instructable when you hover over it.


I'm with Kiteman. Even if all the entries were on the same page with previews, I still wouldn't look through them all in one go on those big contests. You have to check out the contest page every now and then and/or just vote for stuff you see as you're browsing.

The contest pages have changed a lot over the years and I expect them to change again at some point. However, this format has been one of the most fair in that everyone gets their time at the top of the page and you can't tell which are featured or how many views they have.

You don't have to wait until the close to vote.

What I do is, whenever I see a project pop up in the feed that I think deserves a chance at a prize, I vote there and then.

I'm confused... Why do you need to vote on all entries?

What I meant was to view all entries for the purpose of voting. I'm not going to vote for all of them. Currently it takes to long to look through all of them (e.g. the Outdoors contest has almost 700)