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Make my multi-speaker surround sound wireless? Answered

I have a nice 5.1 speaker surround sound.  I want to make all the speakers wireless and if possible all go to the same multi-channel output/input transmitter/receiver.  All i have found on the internet is one that will send out the same signal to all of them, but i want them all to have their original sound (meaning mid's still be mid's and front, back, and left, right still be individual)  Any help would be awesome    ALSO, I dont have much money so the cheapest but still working way would be best.


What you're looking for is either short-range radio or a carrier-current system, either one needing to have enough bandwidth to carry six separate channels with decent quality for each, and with absolutely minimal risk of the speakers getting out of phase with each other.

As noted, no matter what you do, you're going to need an amplifier channel per speaker.

Obviously possible. I don't immediately see a cheap solution, though -- or at least not one that would be worth listening to.

A laser transmitter for each channel located at the source.  A laser receiver and amp at each speaker.  That way there is going to be no crosstalk between them.

There may be a better way but it's not going to be cheap.  You are now going to have an amp at each speaker since you are severing the connection from the main amp.  There is no way to transmit that much power from the main amp with out deadly amounts of rf or laser power filling the room.

It might be better to look for some better way to hide the wires.