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Make my own turbine or....? Answered

I'm going to be building a charging station for my laptop, cellphone, ipods. I got the idea from the S.P.R.E.E. article but I want to incorporate a wind turbine into the system. I'm struggling to find a turbine that's small enough, or even a permanent magnet DC motor. Am I missing something or would I have to make my own DC generator? Thanks in advance!



9 years ago

Ok, so I messed around with a couple brushless motors and a computer fan (all rated at 12v). And I can't for the life of me, get 12 volts out of any of them. The idea was going to be that I would hook the turbine in parallel to the solar panel, but I don't know if that would work. I suppose I could hook it in series to the panel since my charge controller can take up to 24volts. Not sure if that would work either. Input is greatly appreciated!

the fan motor has electronics in it. you remoe them and take voltage straight from the coils thru diodes on my experience it makes little electricity. enoough at most to power few leds or charge micro li-ion battery. i guess it can make somewhat more if you feed it with strong constant wind (and not strong intermittent like i have) - maybe enough just to charge ipod its not going to charge big batteries

i made one with a computer fan (instructable coming soon) but to charge ipod with it you either need wind of stable constant direction (what i dont have) or more powerfull turbine the fan motor is great as generator (after you remove the electronics). the problem is making the wind spin it continuously and not few turns once in a minute