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Make picooz micro heli controller run from ac/dc adator Answered

Hi all, this is my first question so bear with me....

I want to mod all my micro heli transmitter/chargers to run of a 9V dc power adaptor, I'm tired of changing/charging batteries for them and seen as I sit next to a power socket when I fly this is the best option.

For this question I am focusing on the picooz sidewinder remote.

What I have planned is to use a dc barrel or 3.5mm jack socket, connect - to the battery - on the pcb
and connect the tip to +in on the pcb the switched tip to the battery so that when nothing is plugged in it automatically runs from battery.

what I would like to know is...

where to add a capacitor and what rating,

this to provide enough power for the fraction of a second when the plug is pulled out, without this I would have to "trim" the controller each time because it would turn off for that small amount of time and forgotten where it has been trimmed to.

thanks in advance.

ps once I have this working I will be doing a full Instructable on this subject.


Connect like for like, i.e. + to + where the power hits the board from the jack. 1000uF? It's only going to be a brief disconnection.


Cool a reply early in the first day, I'm going to like this place! thanks!
I'll try a 1000uF in the way you said, Just a couple of little follow up questions (I've never used a capacitor in anything I've made before).

Is the voltage it's Important? 10V for this use?
Is there risk of the capacitor over charging?

Thanks again lemonie! Might try get these parts from maplin tomorrow.

Voltage should be 10V at least, but more doesn't matter. It won't overcharge.
This is just for the very brief switch between battery & external, you may get away with something smaller, but I don't know the device.


I thougt higher would be fine, got a 63V as it was the lowest voltage the place stocked, I'm passing maplin in an hour os, i'll pop in and get DC barrel socket and with a bit of luck have it running tonight.

P.s. looks like I'm not the first person to have  this idea, only difference is he is using an extra cell holder to make the voltage closer to what it should be if your using NiMh, he has also not used a capacitor, it may not even be needed but I can be a bit "picky" sometimes.

Thanks again Lemonie, I'll let you know when I have it up so you can see what you have helped with.

Take photos and make an Instructable of it. Best wishes for it.