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Make tee shirt wall art without cutting? Answered

Hi. This isn't a very complex project (not like some of the stuff I've seen on here), but I've decided to buy a few T-shirts for myself. Now, they're somewhat rare, as they're promotional items for a project that has since ended, and as much as I'd like to wear them, the only ones left are a tad too small. So I had decided to make them into wall art (as shown in this article: https://www.instructables.com/id/T-Shirt-Wall-Art/), but I'd like to do so without cutting or stapling them. If anyone has any ideas for how I can do this, I'd very much appreciate it. Thanks.


Put them on a coat hanger, hang the coat hanger from a wall-hook.

get a picture frame (with a canvas) and position the shirt on the canvas then put the picture frame over it

Use some stron cardboard or better these panels to put at the back of wardrobes and similar.
Iron the shirts to get them flat and orientated.
Spry a good amount of starch (you get it for the ironing job in the supermarket) on the shirt, fold it around the shett you cut to size and use the iron to fix it in place.
You might have to do it in layers if the shirt is folded over itself.
Not perfect in terms of stability but as long as noone plays with it there should be no problem.
Of course you can simply fold them up and place them in a custom picture frame, have seen it a lot for shirts.