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Make your own d20 handbag Answered

The crazy Evil Mad Scientists have gone and made another cool item and shared the instructions with the rest of us. This time around it's a d20 handbag so you can carry around what's important to you and show your role-playing roots at the same time.

d20 Handbag of Holding: How to build it


Now we got a 20 sided dice to hold our 20 sided dice! D&D; FTW

ppl who came up with this sell a kit with everything precut out on there site been thinking i might make a small version to hold dice

Looks good. But I agree with kiteman I think I have seen it here before.

Hasn't something like this (maybe this very project?) been highlighted here before? Still, doesn't stop it being nerdily cool.

*Man walks home gives gift to wife wife says "its what Ive always wanted?"*