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Make your own "Memory Foam"? Answered

Can we make our own "memory foam"?

I'd like to buy "memory foam" in a spray can - but I don't think that product is available.
I was hoping to find something like "tempurpedic" in a spray can.   
I'd like to replicate the really soft top layer as seen in those mattresses.

The "great stuff" foam spray cans come to mind.  However, the end result of those is not a flexible soft foam. Would like to fabricate my own custom foam inserts with the material. 

Any ideas about making or sourcing materials?


I'd like to know too, i'll be build a badass car in the near future and was wondering what to make the seats out of, and if i could make my own memory foam that'd be pretty cool too.

you can get a mattress topper for like around $120 at walmart. They do shrink though so you need to get a size bigger than your bed.

Just get a bare bed topper memory foam pad and cut that up. I think making memory foam is some industrial chemical/mechanical process not easily done at home. Spray insulation foam cures rigid.