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Make your own Polaroid Pictures! Answered

Well, as many know, polaroid stop making their cool instant cameras.

However all is not lost with this great free program called Poladroid
Ive just tried it, you download the program, then just simply drop you photo in. It then spits out a photo, and you have to sit and watch it develop, however, in true old school style. You can shake the photo by grabbing it on screen to make it develop quicker!

The program is currently in beta, and Mac OS X only, but the windows version is 'coming soon'

The site reads -
Easy to use : Drag & Drop
Generate High-resolution pictures (400 dpi), "ready-to-print" with a Polaroid design
Funny : only 10 treatments per session, like the content of a cartridge ; interactive (look at thedemo below) ; random and realistic Polaroid-like colors variation...
and more...



8 years ago

Can you do this with a photo printer to make it actually spit out a square print with the white border on it?

If not, why not?


8 years ago

I found an online tool at http://www.polaroin.com
It makes really good pictures. Also with vignette, polaroid frame and caption.
I think its better to know an online tool rather then  downloading an app

They should incorperate the accelerometers on the macbooks

It would make for a great iphone app.

Yeah, its even got a built in camera. (Macbooks could use iSight)

Polaroid is stopping production of there film, a sad day indeed, because you can't make home made X-ray pictures on a Mac ...

I'm going to try and persuade the tech teachers that this is an essential piece of software...


9 years ago

Mac. >__<

Oh wait: (a Windows XP version is coming soon)

-I'm happy, if it comes out soon. =]

_ i did point that out in my topic..

Ah, I was so exciting with what I could do with this I only skimmed your topic. ;-)