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Maker Fair Detroit Answered

There are some people (myself included), that have never been to a Maker Fair. I'm am planning on going to the one in Detroit, but I though it would be nice for all of you people who have been there before to help us newbies out. Here are some questions that would be good to answer, and feel free to add any more information (all is welcome!). Thanks guys!

1.) What can I expect? i.e. what/who will be there, how big is it, ect.
2.) If you have been there, what are your favorite things to see?
3.) Anything else fun to do in Detroit, or good restaurants?
4.) Are any of you fellow instructablers going?


This is it!!!

I'll be there!!! In gonna get an instructables t shirt to show who I am!!

The instructables store is the place to buy it. just search instructables store

Tis ok, I was putting in a shameless plug for the one on the East Coast :-D

directions, hours of fair and hotel suggestions anyone? Please???

Hey Everyone!

Instructables will be at Maker Faire Detroit this year. Woo hoo! If you'd like to come and help out at our booth for a 4 hour shift, we'd love to have you and can provide you with some cool goodies to take home plus a free ticket to Maker Faire Detroit!

If you want to help out, please PM me or shoot me an email at:

laura [at] instructables [dot] com



I know last year the "closer to me" one in Queens, NYC was fabulous. This year I am going to shoot for more then just a day trip though:

015-MakerFaire 2010 Queens NY_09152010_193333-B.jpg014-MakerFaire 2010 Queens NY_09152010_181656.JPG013-MakerFaire 2010 Queens NY_09152010_181608-B.jpg012-MakerFaire 2010 Queens NY_09152010_181602-B.jpg008-MakerFaire 2010 Queens NY_09152010_181437.JPG009-MakerFaire 2010 Queens NY_09152010_181457-B.jpg010-MakerFaire 2010 Queens NY_09152010_181534-B.jpg011-MakerFaire 2010 Queens NY_09152010_181543-B.jpg007-MakerFaire 2010 Queens NY_09152010_143355.JPG006-MakerFaire 2010 Queens NY_09152010_143324-B.jpg004-MakerFaire 2010 Queens NY_09152010_143152-B.jpgStuff at Faire_20100920_03.JPGStuff at Faire_20100920_02.JPG003-MakerFaire 2010 Queens NY_09152010_143133.JPG002-MakerFaire 2010 Queens NY_09152010_142907.JPG001-MakerFaire 2010 Queens NY_09152010_142836-B.jpgnewyork_2010_buy_tickets_335x335.jpg

I can't tell you about Detroit but I can tell you about last year in NYC.
Stories and photos here.
Instructables at NYC.
You can be part of the show.
It's crowded and hot.  Go to the Maker Faire website (makezine.com) and try to print out the layout map and schedule of events to plan your day or days. Bring money and food, especially water. The vendor lines are especially long. Expect weirdness and it might be tough dragging little kids around all over the place making for a long day. It will be hard to see some things in the crowd.  Plan to be early at the big shows like the Arc Reactor, Mentos Coke or when they run the Giant Mousetrap.  Expect it to be like the geeky Woodstock. You don't know who you will run into and be inspired to do an ible.  I'm not sure if anyone from ibles HQ will be there or if they are setting up a booth.
Have fun!

I saw all of those shows that you mentioned at San Mateo - only it was too loud to stay at the Tesla tower show for very long... Everything else (Seeing the eepybird brothers and watching the Life-Size-Mousetrap) was a lot of fun!
Win Guy

Nothing was as loud as the RamJet ride Holy Toledo, from a hundred yards away you could feel the heat and vibration from the roar....

Tesla coils...too loud...

Sorry, I don't grok that.

The hum from the generator itself may not be too bad but the loud music that goes with the show will be at amplified levels.

Oh, I've heard it before (there were several large Teslas playing music at the UK Maker Faire), and love the sound.

what happend to collin i love his videos
(business related)

I had a TON of fun at the San Mateo Maker Faire - So much stuff! I was also able to visit their Instructables booth and meet Scoochmaroo! I also met with randofo at his "Simple Bots" booth. I enjoyed chatting with them a lot.
In any case, I think you should probably expect a big Faire with a ton of stuff. You will also likely see lots of buildings with expos and exhibits to spare. When I was at the San Mateo Maker Faire, I saw several 3D printers and laser cutters, among other things. So I would also expect to see some of the latest technology in the world of making.
All in all, it's definitely worth the trip.
Win Guy

We expect to see photos - lots of folk in ibler shirts.

Do you mean that I have to take photos?

It would be nice to see what went on, but especially if you run into any members of the site - when we did the UK Faire, we kept a list of usernames of anybody that inroduced themselves as a member.

Ah... I would be happy to do that!

and it would be your job to design a Detroit Maker Faire digital patch to award to those iblers who made their presence known..."Tallyho, kick arse and taketh names!"

I would be happy to make a patch, but I only have eight to send. Also, that last line, what does it mean?

If you PM scoochmaroo or randofo, I'm sure they would knight you with a few patches for this noble purpose. The last line was a take on an expression used for "Do a bang-up job" and Olde English for Mssr. Kiteman.

Sweet. Look for me there on the 31st. Ill be the short kid in the ibstrucrtables T-shirt haha. So if I go does that mean I get a patch for being there?

To be grammatically correct a "noble purpose" typically needs a reference to a damsel in distress or a rogue windmill.

Actually, I have nine patches to send.

How does this look? It looks a little small as a patch, but it's comprehendible. What do you think?

Picture 18.png

Nice, maybe you could have a bigger word DETROIT faded in the background or blank space.

Yeah, if I get to go to the one in Queens again, THIS time I will be taking more then just 7-8 photos......