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Maker Fair, March 2009, Glasgow Scotland Answered

I am hereby launching what I believe will be the UK's first ever maker fair. National Science and Emgineering Week is in March and the Glasgow Science centre has agreed to give space to the event over a weekend then. I now need to recruit makers to come along. I am looking for people who will convey the spirit of the Instructables community to a public who have never heard of it. Are you willing to share your skills and sense of fun? I would ideally like a few big things for the outdoor area (between the Glasgow Science Centre and BBC Glasgow building, beside the River Clyde). Messy, big and/or mobile are ideal for this space. There is indoor space for about 10-15 table based activities and there are two shallow pools for anything that needs to float. we cant use the river. We should aim for a variety from wood technology, electronics, mechanicals, aero, watery, construction kits (lego, knex etc), structural and just sheer mad engineering loopiness. If you, or someone you know of, would be good for this, please contact me, so plans can start.


I would like to be part of this, and there are a few UK iblers, that are heavily involved with this site. However i live half way down england, and only one of them lives further north than me.

Any help at all. Ideas for iblers or others you may know that would be worth approaching.

Seconded- I'd love to come but I'm a nancy southerner and can't make London-Glasgow-London journeys easily. That said, I'd love to come and help out- can't commit to anything until I know further details but the idea is good.

If you are in touch with southern makers that would be a help in itself. i know it is a long haul to come, but there doesnt seem to be anyone actually getting one done in the south yet, so the more the merrrier here. My idea is that there might be a returnable deposit (to focus folks minds on actually turning up) but that it would essentially be free. I think I can get money for publicity etc.