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Making HDD Player Circuit Answered


I have my 80GB Old Hard Disk, which i need to use as HDD Player to connect to tv using AV Jack. Is there any Simple circuit to build this ?



Most players only output audio for easy access, I agree the video part would be not easy. You will have to have hardware. Some video streaming devices might support that.

So you want to use the HDD to stream media off the drive directly to the TV?

There is no simple circuit for this. There is a fair amount of hardware needed to read the files off the drive and covert them into a useable format to be streamed to the TV via AV or other connection. The simple solution would be to spend $50 or more on a box that can either house the HDD or has its own internal HDD for storing your media files. Many of these media player boxes can go upwards of $100 or more.