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Making a Cryptuino! Cryptex/Arduino Audio Device project Answered

     So recently many of the students around my college campus that get stuck here on the weekends, myself included, find themselves with nothing to do. Personally i want to do something to remedy this. Hence why im thinking of creating a series of challenges and puzzles all around campus on some weekends.

How it would work, device and plan, is as follows:
     Players would pay an entry fee, of which there would be 5 or less in one group. Either way, small number of people to start off with in the beginning. One player would be designated as the "Handler", and would be in possession of the Cryptuino. The Handler would be responsible for entering the first password so instructions on how to beat the challenge would be relayed to the player/s.
     If the challenge was beaten, then the group would be given a reward and a new password, which when played would direct the group to a different area for the next challenge. Once they get to the challenge, the process would repeat itself, and it would repeat for a number of times depending on how many challenges there were.
     To make things more like a game, the player/s would be able to score points by completing certain requirements in the challenges. Some requirements would be like:  different time ranges for mazes or races, correct/incorrect answers on puzzles, or other things that i have yet to figure out.
     Im still trying to figure out how to build the device, especially with the hardware part. I also dont have much cash to spare for good shields and parts but i do have a plentiful amount of electronic junk i could use. From what i was told on the Arduino forums, i would need a .wav shield and a keypad to go with my Arduino Uno. Is there any places on the internet anyone would know of on how to make my own shield and keypad?
     I have figured out how to make my own SD card slot for part of the .wav shield, and i have a number of button switches i could use for making a keypad. But to make a working shield/board and keypad, i am mostly clueless on the processes. Can anyone give me some advice or pointers in the right direction?


I think i have found something i can afford within an SD card reader. Think this would work with a number of audio Arduino products?


Seeed also has at the shack their waveshield $20 on sale. You need a soundchip just like a PC needs an audio card/chip to generate good sounds not just beeps. The SD card only gives you more storage for data.


this thing? If so, then i could use this for that Chiptune instrument i was planning to build. If not, then chances are i would still have to build my own .wav board.

I would go with a made product unless you want to mess around with codecs and drivers and libraries sort of things. Good luck.

I got the V3 SD Card Shield by Seeedstudio not too long ago. I also remembered i had a 32 GB Micro SD card lying around for a number of months. Now i just need to figure what other hardware bits ill need!