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Making a Fake Fire Answered

Hi Friends, have you heard about a Fake Fire? I have been looking a way to DIY a fake fire, however, I couldn't find the element. but today just made a fireproof glove to make some awesome effect. could you give me a comment after watched?

Of course, in case of you trap in a danger fire, with this my emergency glove, you could also use your hand to remove any hot items without any hurt.



A typical version of a fake fire or flambeaux I have seen is a ragged tube of thin, flame-coloured cloth being blown upwards by a ducted fan and illuminated from below/within by a red or orange bulb.

what about fireproof gel...is this possible to make...do you know something about this? that one we see from a movie when a guy set himself of fire but won't hurt....

I'm actually a stuntman and the gel used to perform a burn is a guarded secret and rightly so.

It is not a simple case of just covering yourself in gel and fuel. It takes a team of people to perform a burn, which is one of the most dangerous stunts a person can do.

I believe you are talking about the ones that are connercially available, I don't think that is very good, it is recognisable.

The "glove" described in that instructable has a great potential to do harm if the "fire / heat" remains for an extended period of time.


10 years ago

wow that's unbelivable