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Making a foam bed (concept) Answered

Just had a flash of genius (or possible stupidity).

What if you took a mattress cover put it in a wood bok just slightly larger then the cover and filled it with low density expanding foam. Does anyone think the is a possible way of getting a passable diy mattresses?


Don't knock yourself out. Get an air mattress from Target, Amazon, Walmart. Cheaper that all that foam you have buy.

I should note here

A:I work for a store that sells air beds and I will concede I can get them cheep as hell, but,

B: even the pricy ones aren't all that comfortable and

C:I had an air bed for camping till I got my 2 new kittens a few years back.

my memory foam mattress only cost $800 for king size with box spring, but it has a 30yr warranty.
To me beds are very important. A bad mattress will give you back problems. In my career field a bad back means no pay check.
You can always find a free mattress online. If your worried about what was done on it just imagine all the sins that were committed on a hotel bed.

Besides the fact I can't stand memory foam and $800 is a months take home after taxes etc. What's your point. I've slept on open foam mattresses before and find them quite comfortable. It's like falling to sleep on a big sofa. It's just a matter of designing and making on in my basement.


4 years ago

There are hard set foams good for boats, insulation, construction etc and soft set foams good for quite a few other things. I'm figuring going for an open 2-4lb foam with possibly a 8lb inner core.

Only spray foams I have seen off the shelf pretty much cure semi-rigid. Even if soft, they are not meant for the the multiple compression/expansion that a person sleeping on top would wear on. It would be expensive to produce the amount needed to fill a small mattress. They do sell large foam sheets that are meant as cushion cores for seating or mattresses. Much easier to build up with various density batting if you wanted to make a mattress.

And who was talking about spray foam? 2 part urethane foam. Mix A with B put it in your mold watch it expand.

For price I'm still looking into other brands but what I saw put a twin (fit the daybed this would go in) be at about $150-200. About the price of a good innerspring bed of the same size. If I can find a place were I can buy more then a gallon at a time it'll probably be cheaper.

Ah, the stuff for casting molds. Commercial upholstery foams do have some kind of flame retardant chemical added for safety standards. Just throwing that out there if you need to consider it. Good luck.

Good point. Not that I smoke but yeah got to look into that.

Doesn't that foam set hard?