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Making a hatchet. Answered

I am going to make a hatchet for a school project. It only has to be functional for a couple of uses, maybe 10, but I don't have access to a block of iron or steel. What I'm wondering is if I can make an aluminum head with a steel tip. My dad says that it would bend, but I'm not so sure. Also, if you know of any links to instructions or metal suppliers in California/USA please post them. 

Thank You!!!


If you use aluminum it will bend, and cheap steel (low carbon) will too. If you go to a junkyard, you can find some pretty good steel. Or you can buy saw blades at a hardware store ( circular saw blades are the best).

Do a google search for rail road spike hatchets for insperation. It's one of many things to do on my 'want to make' list.

Also this should be medieval not modern. So any pictures you can provide would be helpful.

Why not ace your history at the same time, and make a flint axe?

If you're set on steel, why not get hold of a sheet of scrap steel (old car panel or freezer door), and fold it? If there's a source of heat available, such as a forge, you could have a go at a Samurai Hatchet?

This is a history project! Lol it hasent been assigned yet but my teacher has been talking about the project for the entire year.

A functional hatchet won't last long with an Aluminum head. The Aluminum will start the mushroom out from under the steel wedge. Eventually splitting the aluminum. Aluminum just isn't meant to take that kind of stress. Thats why you don't see aluminum hammers and axes.

Noting says a hatchet has to be made of a solid piece of steel. I'm guessing you don't have access to any metal working tools like a forge or even a welder. How do you plan on shaping the tip of the hatchet? Have you considered steel flat or round bar to support the tip? You can make it more of a decorative piece.

Well, I do have access to a welder and a drill, also a dremel that I have cut steel with before.

Good golly, Miss Molly, anything smaller than a steak knife would be illegal to be brought into school but a hatchet would do?

I think you would have to figure out how to mate the steel edge portion with the main body of the aluminum head. Are you looking to make a real hatchet to whack a log in half or a prop for a school play? Look up knife making suppliers or welding shops or blacksmiths that might have some materials to purchase.

Well, its for an actual school project, I would probably end up making a case too.


6 years ago

If you have access to an old meat clever, a drill, and some thicker handle material, you could make an improvised hatchet.

A few nuts and bolts would probably be needed too.

I tend to agree with Kiteman though. Flint is probably the way to go.