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Making a small rail system from cardboard? Answered

I need a small rail system made from cardboard to use on my model guns. If someone can post pics, ideas, or instructions, that would be great. Thanks.


ok ill make a pic 4 u

cck help.bmp

The "Front" on the gun attachment piece looks like it should be more trapezidal, not square, but it looks fine. Maybe I can modify this for how I want it... Thankis man!

its ok besides we both like cardboard lol

So, you mean a RIS/RAS RAIL INTEGRATION SYSTEM to attach scopes, grips, and the like? Simple, go pick up an airsoft gun, (Or google one.) Check the pitcanny rails. Copy shape. It might be a little hard with cardboard. -PKT

ok just for clarification, are you talking about making a simple Rail Gun? I did not see the words rail and gun appear together in this conversation so i did not know if thats what you are talking about. If it is, i wouldnt mind making a picture in paint and uploading it to here. I do know a bit about rail guns.

A rail system for a cardboard gun. Not a rail gun. I need one of those rails that are on N-Strike nerf guns and army guns.

Still need help?

Yeah lol, I still need a rail system.

I'll make a gun cardboard gun soon, and add my rail, then show you?

Okay, expect pictures sometime. I'll have some by easter at the latest, lol.

Uhh, I got a simple one, cut some small rectangles in the cardboard, and make your accessory, add tabs to it, place the tabs into the rectangles :D!

What do you mean? Do you think you could make a picture in paint?

Sure, I think it'd be pretty simple, and would work. Lemme try explain it one more time though. Think a carboard box, the tabs help keep the box together, now say you wanted a scope, you would add the tabs on the scope, and the gun would have holes for the tabs to be pushed into. I'm bad at explaining, but I hope that if this doesn't, my picture does! P.S I love your cardboard guns, you should do an L96 or an M24!!! :D!

I'll look up those guns, but you know.. I need a rail system. So, instead of rails, the scope would have inserts sticking out of it to be pushed into the gun?

Yes. Tabs/Inserts. Is a picture still required?

Only you would have multiple openings for the inserts to be put in, so in a way they would be rails...

Uh, now I think I need a pic lol. I understand the tab thing, but not multiple slots. Do you mean like one long slit that the tab can slide in?

I might make this http://world.guns.ru/smg/smg14-e.htm

It's gonna be field strippable :D

It is a series of slits, so it can be placed in different locations.

Do you get what I mean now?