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Making a supersize RC from small rc car? Answered

i want to replace the small  motors from a small rc car with bigger one. the problem is that the circuitry in the rc car do not provide enough current to drive bigger mortor.

i know that if i use transistors or mosfets i can achieve it. but i can' go backwards then.

i need a design lets me use the power output to the motors from the pcb of the rc car which will let me switch higher current.. and when current is reversed it switches the other power supply so that the motor can be reversed.

sorry for english. 

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Re-designBest Answer (author)2011-02-13

It'd be way easier to just upgrade the esp to one that was powerful enough to work.

Or you could use diodes facing opposite ways to divide the power into two different directional streams to transistor sets. But that's going to be very much more work to design, build and trouble shoot.

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ARJOON (author)Re-design2011-02-13

oh yeah diodes. on the transistors. i totally forgot. can u suggest me the npn and pnp transistor that i need to use

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Re-design (author)ARJOON2011-02-13

I believe you could use a 2N3055 NPN power transistor, or a pair and 2N1301 PNP might work. These are commonly used in power supplies to increase the power rating.

You'll need to use big heatsinks.

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