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Making an LG Stereo Adapter? Answered


I have an LG GW520 and I have tried everywhere for an adapter to connect this to a stereo. I did find a company that advertised the adapter I needed but when I bought it it is the wrong size as the connection on other LG phones like the cookie models are different :(

So basically I need an adapter with a 3.5mm female stereo jack on it.

Is it possible to make one?... I've got lots of randoms wires and a headset that fits into the phone with one broken ear bud and a female stereo jack.

When I've cut open the broken headset I've got two silver wires, and a purple, red and green wire bundled together and surrounded by fine copper and the female stereo jack has a black, red and brown wire. ....is it possible to connect these and how should I do it?

Thanks for reading and I hope you can save my sanity before I just get mad and go an buy another phone that I can connect!


This is the pinout of a typ. stereo 3.5 plug.  Test that the phone is setup this way by plugging in a set of earphones with the right plug.

Thanks re-design.....BTW, I did squeal when I saw your avatar!

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Check with RadioShack for a patch cable with the correct plug which fits into your headphone jack at one end and RCA plugs (Right and Left channels) for your stereo at the other end

Thanks Bean...I've been and had a look on the UK site and they don't do one. Also tried Amazon, Ebay, local phone shops and online sites that just sell mobile phone bits...even rung LG spares to see if they do one and still no joy :(