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Making an OWOOGA horn... How? Answered

I need to know how to make a motor driven horn, the kind that goes OWOOOOOOGA! OWOOOOGA! Any tips? I know I need a motor of some sort, got one, unless it's not big enough(one of the little ones that can run off a D battery, even one AAAA drove it pretty good), I know I need some type of funnel(or do I?), but what can make it go OWOOGA! OWOOOOGA! By the way, I'm putting it on my bicycle. Yeah, I know. It's weird. But imagine it; You are walking in the street(not enough sidewalks around here) and OWOOOGA! OWOOOOGA! You turn around and a bicycle goes by you. No cars around. That would be different.


I've came up with something from that link... I'm taking pictures and I will post an I'ble when I'm done. I got my motor, made a paper funnel, and tommorrow before church(it's 1:16, so I'm going to bed now) I will work with a paperclip inside the funnel at different angles and such, to try and make it go OWOOGA! But since the motor is so small, it may just go OWOOOG! since the paperclip will stop it instead of slowing it down, and the slowing is what makes it lesson off instead of abruptly stop.

It worked! But it was quiet. I mean, it was so quiet the breeze was drowning it out. So I made another, using a drill motor, and it just emitted a loud squealing noise, kinda like EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! instead of OWOOGA!

Experiment with putting the pin up to something like a bicycle wheel while it spins. I think the motor is geared up so when it starts out, the slower the rpms and gets faster causing the change in pitch.

Pin? I was using a geared wheel against a paperclip. Not at the point, but rather against the long side(straitened out).

The motor unit from a klaxon just came up on ebay.co.uk.

I believe that's AHH-OOGA??

I have one in my car...$30 from advanced auto parts. I'm not sure how well you could make it on your own.