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Making shower water colder Answered

For years I have been a fan of taking cold showers, especially in the winter when the water is very cold. But in the summer, the water is not all that cold. Does anyone know, any information, on how to chill the shower water?


Your easiest bet would be to run the water hose through a bucket of ice before it gets to your shower head. Make sure the hose you use isn't insulated. Copper tubing works well. It would be easy to fill up with ice before a shower and then dump the ice water into the shower.

Water has a high heat capacity, chilling like heating requires quite a lot of energy.
At ~ 4Kj per L per oC and lets say 3 L per minute you'd need 200W per oC. If your water is 18o and you'd prefer 16 that's 400W or chilling power.
A regular fridge/freezer should cope, but you would need to plumb copper piping in direct contact with the chiller element (tricky).


You are not taking into account that he will not be using the shower 99% of the time. Therefore you don't need to cool the shower water directly with the reefer coils, but use that 99% down time to cool a heat sink (ie a big tub of water) to absorb the heat of the shower water. and use a heat exchanger in the tub.

Or just chill a big tank for the shower supply, I was thinking of "instant chill". L

Ahh yes, grab a 40 gallon water heater, strip the insulating jacket off of it, stick it in a refrigerator and you are good to go. Actually sounds like an ugly expensive project ;-)

i've never heard of anyone asking for colder water in the shower...though...a few ideas come to mind.. you could buy a cheap mini fridge from a yard sale and run the cold water supply for the shower through the fridge....i would think you'd want to build some form of coiled pipe system (the more coils the better) inside of the fridge that the water would run through before it goes to the shower...that way you'd get the maximum amount of chillage...